By Sharisa Joy Kochmeister
My goal is to take autism into the future and not focus on the past –focus instead on treatment and amelioration of related symptoms. I believe the mission of TAP should always be to allow autism to be part of the planet upon which we reside, have it regarded, understood and accepted as a gift to our world, and see the positives that so often get hidden.

My name is Sharisa Joy Kochmeister and I’m a professional author of poetry and essays; a performed composer and lyricist; a graduate of The University of Denver with a 3.6 GPA and a dual degree in Psychology and Sociology; a professional speaker, consultant, trainer and advocate in the areas of disability rights, inclusion, diversity, and alternative methods of communication; President of Autcom and on the Executive Committee of the Colorado Developmental Disabilities Council; a member of WOW (Watch Our Words) Colorado; on the advisory panels of Autism Society of America and The Autism Perspective and a future social psychologist and/or educator studying autism and other disabilities and continuing to advocate for children's rights as well as the rights of all people with and without so-called disabilities.

Oh, and by the way, I have multiple disabilities, including Cerebral Palsy, autism, epilepsy and being non-verbal and requiring a keyboard to communicate and a trusted assistant to ease my way. I have been to The White House and met President Clinton; have received college, local, state and national awards for advocacy and community service; have written a fairytale about autism to help people understand better; and am writing my autobiography, entitled "My Life As A Zero and My Life As A Hero." I've been a high school and college literary magazine writer and editor; have edited a newsletter about autism as well as other accomplishments.

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Sharisa Kochmeister